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Seja bem-vindo a galeria de fotos do Amber Heard Brasil, a sua maior e melhor fonte brasileira sobre a atriz. Aqui você encontrará uma variedade de imagens da Amber como photoshoots, imagens de eventos e muito mais. Somos um site sem fins lucrativos criado e mantido por fãs que não possui qualquer ligação com Amber Heard , sua família ou seus representantes. Todo o conteúdo original aqui apresentado pertence ao site, a não ser que seja informado o contrário. Nenhuma violação de direitos autorais é pretendida, nós NÃO reivindicamos ou possuímos direito de propriedade sobre nenhuma das fotos em nossa galeria, as mesmas pertencem aos seus respectivos donos legítimos e estão sendo usadas de acordo com a Fair Use Law § 107. Caso algum conteúdo ou foto aqui disponibilizado ou demonstrado seja de sua autoria e você gostaria que fosse removido, entre em contato conosco antes de tomar qualquer ação legal.

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63 views"Just arrived in Jordan. Looking forward to such an important week here with @sams_usa"
44 views"First day at Zaatari, largest Syrian refugee camp in the world and home to over 80k people (+half of whom r kids). Honored to work w/ orgs like SAMS 4 their brave& tireless work"
29 views"First day at Zaatari, largest Syrian refugee camp in the world and home to over 80k people (+half of whom r kids). Honored to work w/ orgs like SAMS 4 their brave& tireless work"
32 views"First day at Zaatari, largest Syrian refugee camp in the world and home to over 80k people (+half of whom r kids). Honored to work w/ orgs like SAMS 4 their brave& tireless work"
39 views"When in Jordan..... Petra, you’ll never see anything like it."
73 views"When in Jordan..... Petra, you’ll never see anything like it."
59 views"When in Jordan..... Petra, you’ll never see anything like it."
71 views"Stolen moment on set today with the great @kurtiswarienko"
87 views"Back in the saddle again...."
80 views"Birthday weekend (plus some) complete. Best one yet....."
42 views"#CinemaCon , meet #Aquaman"
88 views"Here we go.....aquaman is coming soon!!"
32 views"I was fortunate enough 2 accompany on a medical mission 2 see 1st hand the lifesaving services they provide Syrian Refugees in some of the most heart-wrenching conditions. Please join me n supporting this amazing org by donating online: https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/StandWithSAMS …"
33 views"Big in Korea ?"
32 views"http://extratv.com/videos/0-e1o8y7g7/"
32 views"Thank you, @people for giving such a great shout out to @sams_usa for the incredibly important work they’re doing for countless lives (like this one)..."
43 views"It’s official! At Cannes as the newest global ambassador for L’Oreal Paris! @lorealmakeup @lorealhair #lorealcannes"
82 views"Who needs water when you have lipstick.... #lorealcannes2018"
66 views"Loved being part of the @lorealmakeup #worthitshow in Cannes with my fellow #lorealparis ambassador @deepikapadukone. We talked movies, women in Hollywood, our favorite charities and even cars! #lorealcannes"
29 views"Share this if you believe that #LGBTI rights are #HumanRights. All human beings without exception are born free and equal in dignity & rights. Say NO to discrimination and homophobia. #StandUp4HumanRights @UNhumanrights @free_equal #IDAHOT2018"
73 views"When you meet your baby’s twin....."
21 viewsSo proud 2 announce I am a Stonewall Inn Ambassador, supporting the Stonewall Inn + Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative! Learn about the legacy of Stonewall + upcoming 50th anniversary by visiting http://stonewallinitiative.org ! @stonewallgives @thestonewallinnnyc
20 viewsAquaman covers Entertainment Weekly!
21 viewsAquatainment Weekly is here!
24 viewsThis is an assault on basic human dignity and some of the most basic principles that made this country so great. Defending this policy is an inexcusable act of moral cowardice and intellectual laziness. Thnx 2 every1 who is speaking up against it.
18 viewsTrump wants to “fix” the humanitarian crisis he created by putting children in cages with their parents indefinitely. #FamiliesBelongTogether, not in jail. Period. Text “BELONG” to 97779 to fight back against their cruel and dangerous policies.
20 viewsEstamos unidos
25 viewsLaws are meant to protect and defend our rights 2 liberty & justice, not destroy them. Thnx to all who continue to speak up and fight 4 the principles that did make this country great
30 viewsSeparar las familias es injusto y no debería ser defendido
31 viewsWith this human rights crisis being so politicized, it is hard to make a simple statement w/out it being used to distract from the real issues. Its hard for everyone to not be negatively affected by this subject n some way.
37 viewsBts ⁦@MaisonValentino⁩
33 viewsNow that’s how you see couture! Stunning display of fashion week in paris by the genius #pierpaolopiccioli for @MaisonValentino
16 viewsHelp an inspiring woman win up to $35K for her charitable cause by voting today for a @LOrealParisUSA #WomenofWorth Honoree at http://WomenofWorth.com . #lorealpartner
23 viewsAqua-coverage
33 viewsSo glad to have my baby back
29 viewsAqua-family reunion #ComicCon2018 with the cast of ⁦@aquamanmovie⁩ !
22 viewsMakes it easy when you love your film fam ⁦@yahya⁩ ⁦@prideofgyypsies⁩ ⁦@NicoleKidman⁩ ⁦@creepypuppet⁩ ⁦@patrickwilson73⁩
28 views⁦⁦@Comic_Con⁩
38 viewsEnjoying watching the crowds from balcony here at Comic-Con madness. Certainly something 2 watch....
46 viewsBehind the scenes ⁦@ConanOBrien⁩
22 viewsI stand with #EnvironmentDefenders because they R fighting to protect their land, rivers & homes. They R on the frontline of the struggle against climate change. And they are paying with their lives. Will u stand with them 2?http://bit.ly/2Lg1ZwK @Global_Witness #AtWhatCost
32 viewsPortrait by ⁦@TasyavanRee⁩
21 viewsSo excited serve as a @OneYoungWorld Counsellor and join young leaders from 190+ countries in The Hague! #bethechange #OYW2018
23 viewsTalking gender parity, pay equality, and representation of women in entertainment @TIFF_NET with the beautiful and inspiring @andiemacdowell @sangita_patel and @SAghdashloo #TIFF18
41 viewsHonored to be taking part in the 16th Annual Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day. Every year Cantor Fitzgerald commemorates the anniversary of 9/11 by donating 100% of global revenue to charity. Today I visited their office and lent a helping hand.
17 viewsOne last chance to get #GlobalCitizen tickets: Join me, @KeeganMKey @TedAllen and more for a rally this Saturday at Columbus Circle with @WhenWeAllVote RSVP: http://weall.vote/newyork #WhenWeAllVote, we make our country stronger
22 viewsIt’s so refreshing to be asked intelligent questions & be part of a real dialogue @UNHumanRights #2030NOW
23 viewsLove this beautiful powerful portrait of my friend @nguyen_amanda by @OBEYGIANT ....although it could never do justice to the inexhaustible force of nature she is #BelieveSurviviors
26 viewsI hope you hear(d)ing us ⁦⁦@JeffFlake⁩
25 viewsThese are Protestors in Boston carrying the names of survivors from Arizona who want to have their voices heard by Senator @JeffFlake . http://Www.TimeToHearUs.Com #BelieveSurvivors
29 viewsProud to represent and echo the voices of countless #Survivors here to take part in our democracy – em Supreme Court of the United States

36 viewsHere in DC to make our voices heard. We hope @JeffFlake and other representatives of our voices continue to hear the deafening cries from so many of us
Make your voice heard #believewomen
40 viewsThank you ⁦@JeffFlake⁩ for giving so many voices the dignity of considering their truth as legitimate as his. I hope you keep thinking about the world your daughter will inherit
@JeffFlake I’d like to thank u & the generosity of the hard-working, intelligent & compassionate aids & staff u have wrking n ur office, w/ whom i had the honor & pleasure of spending most of my day. Thnx 4 hearing your constituents who r survivors too – em Russell Senate Building

31 viewsWill you go to the prom with me ⁦@KateBeckinsale⁩ ?
29 viewsLooking very serious ⁦@PORTERmagazine⁩ ‘s Incredible Women event with ⁦@KateBeckinsale⁩ and #mirandakerr
21 views#RiseUp Pennsylvania: Please tell @GovernorTomWolf & Judiciary Chair Ron Marsico to pass the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights (SB 742) for the 2 million survivors today!
48 viewsGood news: cool free toiletries bag compliments of @British_Airways , bad news; it’s in lieu of my actual bag that they can’t find. This should make my week at speaking The Hague even more interesting.... – em Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

39 viewsOpening night at The Hague for the One Young World Summit.... what a thrilling collision of ideas, passion and energy- feel honored to be a part of it
32 viewsOn the way to The Hague to speak about (insert prayer emoji).....
22 views⁦@OneYoungWorld⁩ in The Hague. Speaking with young thinkers and leaders from around the world about the issues of today and the how we create Our tomorrow. Feel honored to be here #OYW2018 #freeloujain
30 viewshttps://news.sky.com/video/amber-heard-on-gender-branding-and-feminism-11528853
29 viewsSpent the day at the United Nations in Geneva meeting the incredible and inexhaustible ⁦@UNHumanRights⁩ team. Was such an honor to speak there. Thank you! #StandUp4HumanRights
27 viewsIn Dallas TX talk! Showing support for Texas’ @BetoORourke in #samuellgrandpark in Dallas, TX! – em Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre

22 viewsHelp an inspiring woman win up to $35K for her charitable cause by voting today for a @LOrealParisUSA #WomenofWorth Honoree at http://WomenofWorth.com . #lorealpartner
31 viewsI'm in Mexico visiting ⁦@Smiletrain⁩ and patients to see firsthand all the wonderful work they do for children with clefts. Want to know how you can help? Donate to ⁦@Smiletrain⁩
33 viewsDon’t forget we have 2 days left till this crucial election. Get out there, canvas, phone bank do all you can but most of all exercise your right to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! November 6th!
42 views“Pancho” the bad guy in the show ‘Antrapada’ is one hell of a good guy in real life ⁦@eduardotogi⁩
26 viewsWhat an incredible difference a day (and an org like ⁦@Smiletrain⁩ ) can make!
23 views307 mass shootings this year (btw, we’re on day 312) and how many have been committed by an immigrant, “illegal” or not? Some threat this #CaravanInvasion is @realDonaldTrump
28 viewsI’m sorry, but what part of my - or any woman’s - nipples a “malfunction” ? Come on, do we really need to remind “journalists” that if it is okay for a man then the same should apply for a woman? #notamalfunction #choice
28 viewsIf u believe in:
immigrants' rts
disability rts
the right to privacy
voting rts
ending mass incarceration
reproductive freedom
net neutrality
police accountability
ending solitary confinement
legalizing marijuana
Donate @ACLU http://www.aclu.org/million #GivingTuesday
30 viewsHonored to be the last printed cover of ⁦⁦@glamourmag⁩
24 viewsDecember 2018 | PORTER X EDIT
35 viewsOr how about, I dunno... maybe just ‘avoid assaulting them’ ?
22 viewsOr how about, I dunno... maybe just ‘avoid assaulting them’ ?
32 viewsI love it when photographers don’t tell me or any adult woman to smile, like this shot for Instyle Russia cover by Alexei Hay
23 viewsHad the most inspiring evening with the ⁦@LOrealParisUSA⁩ family and my WOW-crew ⁦@EvaLongoria⁩ ⁦@ajanaomi_king⁩ ⁦@AndieMacDowell3⁩
30 viewsSo, let’s get this straight: sheer top = “malfunction” and pinstripes = power?.... ha, who knew!?
24 viewsUN Women did this elegant & swift breakdown of one of the most prevalent, ubiquitous & invisible pandemics that exists. ⁦@UN_Women⁩ ⁦@UNHumanRights⁩
38 viewsLove how I spent the evening talking about ⁦@aquamanmovie⁩ and how my baby sis is about to pop any second ⁦@latelateshow⁩ tonight and now I’m rushing to the hospital to watch my nephew come into the world!
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